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Ran has been ranked one of the top 10 most influential people in Blockchain – As the CEO of a leading crypto investment and advisory business, and the host of CNBC Africa’s TV show Crypto Trader. Ran has been teaching Crypto fundamentals since 2017. His passion and energy is inspiring and infectious!


Crypto Trader, Technical Analyst and Educator.

Exploring the rapidly evolving world of Crypto Gaming. Hustle is an experienced professional gamer, turned into a full Play to Earn gaming Degen. Hustle brings you the latest trends, news and Alpha from the roaring Play to Earn market.


Your crypto assets are best put to use in defi to earn insane profit and yield, which ultimately create an unbeatable profit strategy. Miles walks our community through the most lucrative yield farming and staking strategies.

Week one

lesson 1: networks

Investing in crypto is simply investing in networks.

From Amazon to Google to Uber, the most powerful companies in the world today are networks. Two laws governed them, leading to their exponential growth and the network effects that make them almost unstoppable

lesson 2: Decentralisation

We are in the midst of a global paradigm shift to decentralisation.

Centralised institutions which act as middlemen have proven them selves time and again to prefer profit over people, with little to no accountability for their actions. Decentralised technology provides people with a platform true democracy, freedom and control over own content, accounts, and personal information for the first time ever.

lesson 3: The history of money

The traditional monetary system is on its last legs.

In this lesson, we discover the vital relevancy of cryptocurrency, and the shocking state of the traditional financial system. Neither the dollar nor any other fiat currency is backed bygold. Governments rampant money printing is the root cause of the crippling inflation that continues to erode the value of ordinary people’s money.

lesson 4: bitcoin & blockchain

The long awaited technological upgrade to the global financial system is finally here – it’s called Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Building on the foundations of the first three lessons, we learn why Bitcoin is the most advanced form of money ever invented – an unstoppable decentralised network of money.

Week two

lesson 5: Wallets & exchanges

Welcome to the new world!

In this lesson, we explore the different kinds of digital wallets and exchanges, and prepare to send and receive first Bitcoin!

lesson 6: ethereum

Ethereum introduced the genius of smart contracts.

Since it’s launch in 2015, 3000 Decentralised applications have been built on the Ethereum platform, disrupting a wide range of industries and sparking a revolution of new smart contract platforms.

lesson 7: defi

Decentralised Finances (Defi), replaces the role performed by centralised middleman, such as banks and financial services companies, with smart contracts.

Defi is transforming the traditional financial sector by offering better efficiency, transparency and accessibility to users. Defi provides improved alternatives to every financial service imaginable, from savings to loans, trading, insurance and more, making financial services available to anyone, anywhere, with only a smartphone and an internet connection.

lesson 8: nfT’s

For the first time ever, there is an unalterable way of showing ownership of a digital or physical asset.

NFT’s are the fastest growing part of the crypto reformation, and have taken the world by storm, driving the mass adoption of crypto.

Week three

lesson 9: altcoins

Altcoins are simply “alternative coins” to Bitcoin – blockchains that are not Bitcoin..

There are to date nearly 20 000 altcoins, spanning every use case imaginable.

lesson 10: security

Like any burgeoning industry and technology, Crypto is full of scammers.

In this lesson, we teach the best practice principles and services available, to help you secure your wealth. The decentralised world is truly the wild Wild West, and as you become your own bank, only you hold the keys to your wealth. We have entered the age of responsibility…so keep your private keys safe, and pay careful attention in this class!

lesson 11: making money in crypto

As you embark on your crypto adventure, you must have a roadmap, a strategy, and clearly defined goals.

In this lesson, we’ll guide you as you create all three, dependent on your risk profile, and your end goals.

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Crypto is creating a world that is fundamentally better for everyone and bringing people to financial freedom. The more people that get onboard, the better it becomes for all of us. Yet, we know that getting onboarded into crypto can be complicated, intimidating & full of pitfalls. We want to see this space become everything that we know it can become. So our mission is to build the ultimate crypto school & worldwide community for everyone to learn crypto in a fun, simple, structured & safe way.


So how are we able to make Crypto School free?
Well, we know every crypto pro needs a basic set of essential tools, so we partnered with the biggest and best in the industry to sponsor Crypto School. This allows us to run Crypto School for free, while giving you access to the trusted tools you need to help you on your crypto journey. In this way we’ve not only been able to make Crypto School free, you’ll actually even be paid to learn! When you sign up with our partners, you’ll be rewarded with hundreds of dollars in bonuses for completing Crypto School, to launch you on your crypto journey. So, instead of paying for Crypto School, you can put that money towards your portfolio!